Understanding Types of Mammograms

The language around breast cancer screenings can often be overwhelming, whether you’re going in for your first regular mammogram or checking out some symptoms.

There are two primary types of mammograms: screening mammograms and diagnostic mammograms.


A screening mammogram is a part of routine preventative care, performed for regular checkups when patients have no other breast-related symptoms, and screens for what might not be be detected by a typical self-administered breast exam. BCFO provides free screening mammograms for those with no insurance or insurance that does not provide adequate coverage. To apply for a free screening, click here.


A diagnostic mammogram is performed in order to check for breast cancer when patients are experiencing symptoms such as a lump in the breast, swelling, or breast pain. BCFO does not provide diagnostic mammograms (at least not yet!) but can refer patients to proper resources. Please call 417-862-3838 for more information.

Missouri’s Show Me Healthy Women program provides free breast cancer screenings for uninsured women over the age of 35, but for younger uninsured women there is a gap in coverage. To close this gap, BCFO is raising funds to qualify for a grant that would allow us to fund a pilot program to help women under 35, who make up an increasing proportion of our clientele.

For more information, check out BCFO’s fundraising page!