Leave a Legacy of Hope

Creating Sustainable hope for Local Breast Cancer Families 

When Mary Beth O’Reilly established BCFO in 2000, she ensured that there would be compassionate help for those facing breast cancer for years to come. Become a part of this inspiring legacy by making a planned gift through your will or estate plan. Making a planned gift is easy, and many planned gifts cost you nothing during your lifetime. They can also provide significant tax benefits and more for you and your family. Make your gift even more meaningful by making it a tribute to a loved one. Shape the future of this community and ensure that the values you cherish during your life are remembered.

We would be pleased to honor your generosity as a member of the Legacy of Hope Society with name recognition on our website and other materials, as well as invitation to exclusive events. 

Would you like to help local families succeed in their fight for decades to come? Please reach out to Megan Garbee at 417-862-3838 or megan.garbee@bcfo.org if you would like to learn more. Please inform us of your planned gift by submitting the Legacy Gift Intent form below. 

Legacy of Hope Society Members

We offer our sincere gratitude to these individuals who have chosen to make Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks a part of their legacy: 

  • Buddy Ball & Virginia Jones
  • Noel & Rita Boyd
  • Dan Cobb
  • Patrick and Margaret Cosentino
  • Dave & Kristy Donaldson
  • Sam & June Hamra
  • Dave & Natalene Johnson
  • Dr. Roger and Cindy Holden
  • A.J. Kern
  • The Estate of Chub O’Reilly
  • Gordon & Laura Kinne
  • Jordan Valley Community Health Center
  • Michele Kiser
  • Gary & Bridgette Leonard
  • Brian & Kelly McCracken
  • Wayne & Kathy Morelock
  • Charlie & Mary Beth O’Reilly
  • Carol R. Pettit Family
  • John & Beth Raidel
  • Steve & Beverly Schneider
  • Ken & Teresa Schwab
  • Bob & Sue Twitty
  • Chuck Wiersch
  • Rosalie Wooten
  • Dr. Nancy O’Reilly Family Foundation /
Women Connect4Good Foundation

Ways to Ensure a Legacy of Hope

These gifts include currency, checks, ACH or wire transfers and credit or debit card charges of $25,000 or more given to BCFO’s endowment fund. 

BCFO is named as a beneficiary of your will or trust. The amount o the bequest or distribution can be a specific dollar amount or a percentage of your estate. These gifts can be given along with bequests to other organizations. You will retain your assets throughout your life and will receive a charitable tax deduction in the year of the gift. 

Gifts can be made of stocks, bonds, or shares of a mutual or exchange traded fund. These gifts can be made by delivery of the physical certificates or electronically through a brokerage account. This will provide you with significant savings on capital gains taxes, allowing you to give up to 20% more than if you donated cash to the organization. You can claim the total amount the stock was sold for and receive a charitable tax deduction in the year of the gift.

Naming a charity as a recipient of your retirement or life insurance plan can avoid significant estate and income taxes– leaving more for your loved ones. This form of giving is gaining popularity because it is easy to do; to make BCFO a beneficiary of your life insurance plan, just ask your insurance provider for a beneficiary designation form. Making BCFO a contingent beneficiary ensures that your loved ones are provided for first.

Setting up a Charitable Remainder Trust or Charitable Gift Annuity allows you to give a gift to BCFO of complex or liquid assets and receive a fixed lifetime income from the trust in return. You choose what percentage of the trust makes up that income, which can be adjusted to account for inflation. At the end of the designated period or after you pass away, BCFO receives the remainder of the trust. 

When you give a gift through a charitable lead trust, BCFO receives payments for the life of the trust. At the end of the trust term, the remainder goes back to the donor or other named beneficiary at the end of the term.

Give a gift of your real property to BCFO to be transferred after your lifetime. You can continue to live in your home or use the property after the initial gift. These gifts can give you a large tax break at the time of your passing–leaving more for your loved ones and other beneficiaries to receive. 

BCFO can be designated to receive personal property by including TOD BCFO (transfer on death) on the title to a motor vehicle, boat, trailer, motor or other titled personal property. Similarly, BCFO can receive the proceeds from bank or brokerage accounts by adding POD BCFO (pay on death) after the owner’s name at the financial institution.


Would you like to learn how you can double your gift with a 100% match from Charlie and Mary Beth O’Reilly?  Click the button below to learn more about a collaborative project with Community Foundation of the Ozarks.

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Apply for assistance

Have you been diagnosed with breast cancer? Click HERE to learn more about receiving help with your household bills during treatment. Do you need a free screening mammogram? Click HERE to apply. Are you struggling to pay for lymphedema garments? Click HERE for an application.
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BCFO hosts several fundraising events every year. Check out our upcoming events here!

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With your help and support, BCFO can continue our mission of helping families impacted by breast cancer. To make a charitable donation, click HERE.




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Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks is a local 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization. BCFO reaches out to friends and neighbors who have been affected by breast cancer. BCFO offers personal support and comfort in real and practical ways, providing support networks, mentoring programs, a full range of resources regarding breast cancer awareness, diagnosis and treatment, where to find related community services, and more.