"BCFO offered a hand up,
not a hand out."

-BCFO Client

Since 2000, Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks (BCFO)  has provided an array of breast cancer related resources.  Our services range from emotional support through mentoring and a support group to direct financial resources for those in active treatment for breast cancer.  BCFO offers community education and free screening mammograms to improve early diagnosis rates across the communities we serve.

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Free Lymphedema Garments

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Early detection is the key to surviving a breast cancer diagnosis. With a screening mammogram, a medical professional can detect breast cancer before you ever show symptoms, such as a lump. (If you have a lump, don’t worry.  Please call our office so we can help direct you to the right resources to get it checked out. 417-862-3838.)  BCFO provides free screening mammograms for those with no insurance or insurance that does not provide adequate coverage.  BCFO makes sure everyone has access to screening mammograms. Simply fill out this application to get the process started. It’s that easy. You can choose from any of the facilities listed below to make your appointment after you receive your mammogram voucher in the mail from BCFO.


At BCFO, our goal is to ease the financial worries of families facing breast cancer. Our financial assistance program helps pay for household expenses while a breast cancer patient is in active treatment.  BCFO may be able to help you cover the cost of rent or mortgage payments, utility payments, car payments, car repairs, home or auto insurance, gas, or other necessary expenses. Please fill out this application to start the process.  BCFO’s client assistance committee meets once a month to review and approve cases.  All inquiries, applications and client information remain confidential.

Rosalie O’Reilly Wooten

Children's Fund

This fund supports the special needs of children in the home of families with a member in active treatment for breast cancer.  BCFO tailors assistance to each unique situation, and has provided support in the following ways:

  • Orthodontic continuation
  • Eyeglasses
  • Clothing
  • Birthday and holiday gifts
  • School supplies
  • Child Care
  • Infant supplies

This assistance is applied for on the same application as financial assistance.  No other application is necessary.  By applying for financial assistance and listing the children in the home, the client assistance committee will give special consideration to the children’s needs.

To fill out an application for financial assistance for the first time, click HERE.


“When a woman is newly diagnosed, she can experience a huge array of emotions. Many times, it is very difficult to know where or who to turn to for support and unconditional understanding. Your mentor has been exactly where you are now and may be able to help. Many of us who have experienced a cancer journey similar to yours wish that there had been someone there for us to relate to in our time of need.”

-Mary Beth O’Reilly, mentor for over 10 years

For more information on meeting a mentor for support or on volunteering through this program, please contact the program director at 417-862-3838.

Support Groups

Breast cancer support groups are important because they offer a safe, secure, and supportive place for those who have an experience with cancer to share their stories. Sharing experiences and stories is a part of life, and some of the strongest bonds of friendship we make are through adversity.

A breast cancer support group gives you the chance to share your story and engage with the stories of others so that you know you’re not alone. Feelings of isolation are common when someone is diagnosed with a serious illness, and Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks wants you to know that there are others out there who know exactly what you’re going through.

BCFO hosts a support group in Branson every other month.  This group offers a structured, yet interactive setting featuring a scheduled speaker to address the needs of those in the group.  Past speakers have included a licensed counselor, life coach, physical therapist specializing in lymphedema, prosthetics fitter, breast cancer patient navigator and yoga instructor. For information on dates and location, click HERE or call BCFO’s program director at 417-862-3838

Several support groups are hosted by local hospital systems including Mercy Springfield, CoxHealth Springfield, and Freeman Hospital.  BCFO does not duplicate services but supports each community’s effort to provide resources to those affected by breast cancer.

To learn more about starting a BCFO-sponsored Breast Cancer Support Group in your area, please contact our program director at 417-862-3838.

Free Lymphedema Garments

BCFO provides free lymphedema garments at area medical supply providers. If you are uninsured or under-insured and your lymphedema is the result of breast cancer, you may be eligible to receive a free garment. Click HERE to apply.

What is Lymphedema?

Lymphedema is a condition of the lymph nodes and lymphatic system, which is part of your immune and circulatory system. The most common cause of lymphedema is the removal of lymph nodes or damage to the lymphatic system as a result of chemotherapy.

The most common problems associated with lymphedema is significant, noticeable swelling in an arm or leg, most often accompanied by pain or intense discomfort. Having to deal with lymphedema can make day-to-day living uncomfortable, especially when coupled with the process of treatment and recovery for cancer.

How Lymphedema Garments Can Help

There are several different treatment options for lymphedema depending on the cause, most of which is simply focused on relieving the discomfort and swelling.

One effective way of dealing with the symptoms is to wear lymphedema garments such as compression stockings and sleeves, along with medical intervention. Compression sleeves, along with elevation and gentle exercise under the advice of your physician, can offer significant relief for painful lymphedema symptoms.

Community Education

At BCFO, we strive to share ways to reduce your risk of breast cancer, teach the signs and symptoms of breast cancer, and spread the word that breast cancer can affect all ages. At community events, panel discussions, and health fairs, we explain the facts and disprove the myths of breast cancer. Please contact us if you have a speaking opportunity at your business, church or civic club.

BCFO offers resources through our learning library to give the community access to printed breast cancer information.  BCFO’s collection of books, CDs and other materials are available for checkout and cover a broad range of topics related to breast cancer.  Stop by and peruse our collection!




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Breast Cancer Foundation of the Ozarks is a local 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization. BCFO reaches out to friends and neighbors who have been affected by breast cancer. BCFO offers personal support and comfort in real and practical ways, providing support networks, mentoring programs, a full range of resources regarding breast cancer awareness, diagnosis and treatment, where to find related community services, and more.